3 Phase Board- Indoor Part # IB3PIBIQ

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Built By Electricians For Electricians


* IP30 rated surface mount enclosure for indoor installations

* 63 amp 3 phase Main switch

* 10 amp 3 phase MCB for Envoy

* 20 amp 3 phase MCB for solar circuit

* 20 amp 1 phase MCB ready for battery installation

*Supplied and pre-installed Envoy

*Supplied and pre installed IQ relay (3 phase)

* Supplied and pre-installed 100 amp Production CT’s


* Completely pre-wired with neat cable management

* All wiring boot lace crimped for solid, safe & secure terminations

* Production CT securely mounted and pre wired inside enclosure

* Consumption CT cabling installed from Envoy to large terminal strips inside the enclosure to make connection of the Consumption CT cabling fast & easy

*Maximum 36 x IQ7x Micro Inverters OR 39 x IQ7+ Micro Inverters OR 48 x IQ7 Micro Inverters


* Latest Enphase software CT and IQ relay configured pre-programmed saving up to 1 hour

* Precisely located holes provide easy access to AP mode and device scan buttons

* Envoy serial number labelled inside door for ease of installation & commissioning

* Neat clear window for viewing LED communication lights

* Every iBoard is fully bench tested and quality checked prior to dispatch


* Labelled using UV stabilised quality labels to AS5033/4777 standards

* Labels for main switch board included

* AC battery label kit included


* Removable chassis rack for easy mounting to wall & easy cable Installation keeping
  dust out of components during installation

* Enough room to fit the Enphase Mobile Connect module inside

* Optional locking accessory for securing the door

* Quality Legrand Enclosure, terminals and MCBs

* Original pole fillers used to match the enclosure colour

* No screws to lose - fast and easy clip on cover design

* Installation Manual included

*5 Years Warranty on parts

Dimensions H 510mm W 320mm D 110mm

3 Phase IQ indoor board door open copy