The iBoards' Collection

Every Enphase iBoard is fully bench tested and quality checked prior to despatch

Removable chassis rack for easy mounting to wall and easy cable installation, keeping dust out of components during installation.

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Single Phase Dual Relay Board - Indoor

Part # IB1PIBIQ2

Single Phase Dual Relay Board - Outdoor

Part # IB1POBIQ2

Three Phase Relay Board - Indoor

 Part # IB3PIBIQ

Three Phase Relay Board - Outdoor


iBoards on Display
Nationally Acclaimed iBoards Products On Display At National Trade Show
Dave Randhoff - Enphase
Dave Randhoff (Right) - COO Enphase admires iBoards

Why Choose iBoards?

iBoards Enphase solar distribution board is a must have quality component that houses the Envoy, CT’s & relevant isolation devices neatly and effectively.

It is designed in such a way to compliment the premium Enphase solar installation by making it fast and easy to install, saving valuable time onsite.

Single Phase Dual Relay: * Maximum 24 x IQ7x Micro Inverters OR 26 x IQ7+ Micro Inverters OR 32 x IQ7 Micro Inverters

Three Phase Single Relay:Maximum 36 x IQ7x Micro Inverters OR 39 x IQ7+ Micro Inverters OR 48 x IQ7 Micro Inverters

Built To Any Size And Design Call (02) 9131 2553 For A Custom Design Quote

The Best Quality

"I would never think about doing an installation without using the iBoard." Keith - Dubbo 

Reduces Your Time Onsite

"Looks and feels robust, there is no better alternative to the iBoard hands down."  Ryan - Sydney

Compliments Enphase Products

"It compliments the premium Enphase solar installation by making it fast and easy to install." Tony - Port Kembla

Awesome Features

The meter boxes are becoming so cluttered and there is not much room to mount the envoy, circuit breakers and CTs but when you use the iBoard it is effortless and you don’t have to worry about not being able top fit in all of the equipment.

  • Feature 1

    All wiring is boot lace crimped for solid, safe & secure terminations.

  • Feature 2

    Completely pre wired & neat cable management.

  • Feature 3

    Consumption CT cabling installed from Envoy to large terminal strips inside the enclosure to make connection of the consumption CT cabling easy and fast.

  • Feature 4

    Enough room to fit the Enphase mobile connect module inside enclosure.

iBoards 3 pahse solar board
Outdoor iBoards Product Installed
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  • Feature 5

    The latest Enphase software and CT configuration pre programmed saving you up to 1 hour onsite

  • Feature 6

    AC battery & AC solar label kit included 

  • Feature 7

    Built for electricians by electricians

  • Feature 8

    Five years warranty on parts

  • Feature 8

    Clear window for viewing LED communication lights