Three Phase Outdoor Triple Relay Signature


Key Features
*IP 65 rated surface mount enclosure for outdoor installations
* 100 amp 3 phase Main switch
* 10 amp 3 phase MCB for Envoy
* 3 x 25 amp 3 phase MCB for solar circuit’s
* 1 x 20 amp 1 phase MCB ready for battery installation
* Supplied and pre-installed Envoy
* Supplied and installed 3 x IQ relay (3 phase)
* Supplied and pre-installed 100 amp three-phase Production CT’s

*Supplied 3 x 100 amp consumption CT’s



* Completely pre-wired with neat cable management
* All wiring boot lace crimped for solid, safe & secure terminations
* Production CT securely mounted and pre-wired inside enclosure
* Consumption CT cabling installed from Envoy to large terminal strips inside the enclosure to make the connection of the Consumption CT cabling fast & easy to suit three-phase installation

*Maximum 108 x IQ7x Micro Inverters OR 117 x IQ7+ Micro Inverters OR 144 x IQ7 Micro-Inverters OR 117 x IQ7A Micro Inverters

* Latest Enphase software CT and IQ relay configured and pre-programmed saving up to 1 hour onsite
* Neat window for viewing LED communication lights
* Every iBoard is fully bench tested and quality checked prior to dispatch. In addition for the Signature Series this also includes being powered on and testing of the Envoy, Relay(s) and Production CT(s).
* Labelled using UV stabilised quality labels to AS5033/4777 standards

* AC battery label kit included

* Removable chassis rack for easy mounting to wall & easy cable Installation keeping dust out of components during installation.
* Enough room to fit the Enphase Mobile Connect module inside
* Locking accessory for securing the door including 2 keys
* Quality Legrand Enclosure, terminals and MCBs
* Original pole fillers used to match the enclosure colour

*Available in vertical or horisontal orientation
*340mm (W) x 900mm (H) x 165mm (D) in vertical orientation

*700mm (W) x 435mm (H) x 165mm (D) in horisontal orientation


Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 39 × 66 × 20.5 cm


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